Important Update Regarding Summer and Fall Programs at the European Study Center in Heidelberg, Germany: 

Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis, the European Study Center in Heidelberg, Germany will be suspending programs in the Summer and Fall of this year. But don't fret!! The study abroad experience is still possible! Perhaps you will consider trading Bretzels for Baguettes, and will join us at the European Study Center in Strasbourg, France!

Summer and Semester programs for 2021 will be available at the European Study Center in Strasbourg, France

The European Study Center (ESC) in Strasbourg, France is located at the Chateau de Pourtales, an 18th Century French castle. During the summer, you can participate in the ESC's signature summer program, the Summer Intercultural Leadership Program or can enjoy a more immersive semester with courses at the University of Strasbourg in the Fall or Spring.

Studying and living in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and due to its central location, it is easy and affordable to discover other major European destinations in your free time. Compared to other German cities, living in Heidelberg is not overly expensive.

Here, you'll find the perfect combination of academic rigor and fun!


Turn your experience abroad into valuable skills

Many students describe their study abroad experiences as “wonderful” and “life-changing” but how do you speak intelligently about the skills, knowledge, and experience you gained to potential employers? How do you add your time abroad to your resume?

Through the integrated International Career Seminar, you will learn how to distinguish yourself in the job market.


Excursions and free time – explore Europe at its best!

A wide variety of cultural field trips and company visits are included each semester and are an integral part of the program.

Additionally, explore major European cities during your free weekends, as they are just a few hours away by train, bus, or plane.


ESC community engagement project

Volunteer in a refugee center

Make an impact on the greatest social issue the world faces today. Gain leadership, organization, and team management skills.

Get credit while working with local NGOs on projects related to your major, and present your work at an academic symposium.




ESC Directors Uli and Harald Leibrecht at Başkent University in Ankara, Turkey

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January 29-31, 2020

European Study Center Chairman of the Board Harald Leibrecht and Director Ulrike Leibrecht received a magnificent welcome by the President and team of Başkent University in Ankara, Turkey.

The President, Dr. Mehmet Haberal and Rector Prof. Ali Haberal accompanied the Leibrechts on their tour of Başkent University Ankara Hospital. They visited the Oncology Center and Polyclinics building, which opened in December and is equipped with the latest technology. They were most impressed with the units, including the Burn Center, the transplantation center, and multiple laboratories. After the evening banquet dinner, they were presented with gifts and celebrated the formal signing ceremony to solidify the official cooperation agreement  between the Europen Study Center and Başkent University. 

The university was founded in 1993 for quality education and has opened its doors to a successful future for its students by making many international collaborations, such as the newest one with the European Study Center. The ESC looks forward to welcoming students from Başkent University to its campuses in France and Germany.