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SRH University Heidelberg

SRH University Heidelberg logoESC semester students are encouraged to also take one course at SRH University (see course overview for details). The offered courses are taught in English and are attended by students from Germany as well as the SRH international students. Courses at SRH University are concentrated into shorter 5 week blocks, and students take one SRH course per semester.

About the university

The SRH University Heidelberg was founded in 1969 and offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the fields of Architecture, Business, Law, Psychology, Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Technology, Music Therapy, Physical Therapy, and the Social Sciences. Currently, about 3,000 students are enrolled in the various faculties.

The SRH University Heidelberg rates among the most renowned German universities. In the latest CHE ranking of German business schools places, the SRH University Heidelberg School of Business was included in the group of highest performers.

SRH University Heidelberg is accredited in Germany by the Ministry of Higher Education Baden-Württemberg.


SRH University Heidelberg
Ludwig-Guttmann-Str. 6
69123 Heidelberg

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