Course Overview

All courses are taught in English and credits are issued by the University of the Incarnate Word (a regionally accredited U.S. university) so that students can efficiently work towards graduation while experiencing student life the German way. Each course is suggested for 3 US semester credits unless otherwise specified.

ESC semester students are encouraged to also take one course at SRH University. The offered courses are taught in English and are attended by SRH international students. Courses at SRH University are concentrated into shorter 5-week blocks, and students take one SRH course per semester.

Additionally, students may take Intensive German Language Courses at all levels at the ih Heidelberg / Collegium Palatinum. Intensive Courses are held for 20 or 25 hours per week, and students are advised to get pre-approval from their home universities for evaluation of transfer credit.


Courses Spring 2018

GOVT/BINT 3340 Exp. Learning in Europe / Topics in Comparative Politics / International Relations
ACCT/BINT 3345 International Accounting
ARTH 2362 Art History Renaissance to Modern
BMKT 4390 International Marketing
ENGL 2310 World Literature
GERM 1311 Elementary German I
GOVT/POLS 3350 Current Topics in the EU
HIST 3340 Contemporary German History in a European Context
HIST 4399 Contemporary Refugee Crisis
PHIL 3355 World Philosophy
PSYC 3351 Social Psychology
SOCI 3332 Culturology and Cross Cultural Communication

Only one course can be taken during each 5-week block.

January 8 – February 9, 2018
Human Resources

February 12 – March 16, 2018
Human Resources
Cost and Performance Accounting

April 9 – May 11, 2018
Corporate Finance
Operations Management
Cost and Performance Accounting

Courses Summer 2018

Summer I

BMKT 4390 International Marketing
GOVT/BINT 3340 Experiential Learning in Europe
GOVT 3350 European Politics
GERM 1311 Elementary German I

Special topics courses – only offered in Summer I 2018
ATHP 3331 Cultural Influences in Therapeutic Rehabilitation
ENGL3310H/3375 Goblins, Grannies, and the Brothers Grimm: German Fairy Tales as Literature & Creative Writing
RELS 3399H Global Justice and Christianity

Summer II

BINT 4399 Doing Business in Germany
HIST 3340 Modern Europe
SOCI 3332 Culturology and Cross-Cultural Communication
GERM 1311 Elementary German I

Special topics courses – only offered in Summer II 2018
HIST 3310H The Human Story 1500 CE to Present: The Modern World
PHIL 3352H Medieval Philosophy

Courses Fall 2018

Immersion Block: August 27 – September 28, 2018

Business Simulation at SRH(4 ECTS)
Doing Business in Europe at SRH (6 ECTS)
Draft Intro to Business Ethics at SRH (6 ECTS)
Entrepreneurship at SRH (4 ECTS)
European Society and Culture at SRH (8 ECTS)

GERM 1312/2311/2312 Intensive German at the International House Collegium Palatinum (3 US semester credits)
Students enrolling in a non-beginner level will be enrolled in the level based on a placement test.

HIST 4399 A Refugee Crisis: A Multi-Disciplinary Policy Perspective on European Refugee Crisis (3 US semester credits)
This course requires volunteer work, which will take place in the ESC block.

ESC Block: October 1 – December 13, 2018

ARTH 2361 Art History: Ancient to Medieval Art: Caves to Cathedrals
BINT 3361 International Marketing
BMGT 4355 Organizational Behavior & Leadership
ENGL 2310 World Literature Studies
GERM 1311 Elementary German
GOVT 3340 Exp. Learning in Europe / Topics in Comparative Politics / International Relations
GOVT 3350 European Politics: Current Topics in the EU
HIST 4350 Selected Topics in World History: Nazi Germany
SOCI 3332 Culturology and Cross-Cultural Communication: Leadership across Cultures