Dr. Karen Becker – The College of New Jersey

Dr. Karen Becker - visiting faculty from The College of New JerseyDr. Becker is currently a marketing faculty member at The College of New Jersey. Previous to TCNJ she was on the faculty of Lehigh University and New York University. Her teaching is in the areas of consumer behavior, public policy, and services marketing.  Having spent several years in the consumer packaged goods industry working for Binney & Smith, her interests have shifted to social marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility. She has published work in both the CSR and non-profit avenues of marketing, having her work published in Journal of Marketing, Harvard Business Review Latin America, and several other journals and book chapters. Most recently she jointly prepared a chapter focusing on the development of CSRin North America. Additionally, Professor Becker is interested in the impact of social and digital platforms on consumer behavior and marketing communication and strategy. Professor Becker strongly believes in the developing students to be conscious, globally engaged leaders, who understand the world and act responsibly in their positions.

The Refugee Crisis course provides both a platform for students to begin to understand the greatest migration of people of in their lifetime as well as explore broader issues of ethics, responsibility, and resource management. The course will present a wide lens on the current crisis, and allow students to narrow that lens as they prepare a culminating project evaluating some aspect of the current crisis that fits with their major field os study.