Dr. Lisa Grimm – The College of New Jersey

Dr. Lisa Grimm - visiting faculty from The College of New JerseyDr. Lisa Grimm grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and developed an interest in psychology while at Grinnell College (B.A., 2001). After Grinnell, she attended The University of Texas at Austin where she received an M.A., and then a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology (2007). Dr. Grimm remained at The University of Texas as a Lecturer and Post-doctoral Fellow until she started as an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at The College of New Jersey in the fall of 2009. She is now an Associate Professor. Please see Dr. Grimm’s website for more information: http://grimm.pages.tcnj.edu/.

Dr. Grimm’s research lab, the Motivation, Individual Differences, and Stereotypes in Cognition (MISC) Lab is focused on understanding the structure and content of mental representations (http://misclab.pages.tcnj.edu/). In one line of research, the lab examines the influence of individual and motivational differences on cognitive processing by studying how different individual difference variables, such as self-construal and regulatory focus, interact with task environments. For example, a set of studies demonstrated how induced or chronic negative stereotypes interact with the task reward structure (e.g., gaining points) to produce performance decrements consistent with stereotype threat. In another line of research, the lab examines the cognitive benefits of embodied representations, which are generated by physical movements or by video game environments. The MISC Lab is heavily geared towards undergraduate research opportunities and is open to new applicants from semester to semester. Students are valued members of the research team and their unique set of academic interests and perspectives is an asset to the research process. Student interest is a large research driver and projects are tailored to incorporate student ideas with on-going lab research. The lab is designed to foster student growth and the members are a cohesive team.