Dr. Susan Hume – The College of New Jersey

Dr. Susan Hume - visiting faculty from The College of New JerseyDr. Susan Hume has extensive teaching, research and professional experience in the international capital markets, women’s leadership and inclusion in finance, and environment, social and governance issues. Susan’s expertise is in banking, women’s leadership, derivative securities, and risk management, often during periods of market crises. Her most recent publications and book writings are on sustainability in finance, the globalization of the renminbi, risk disclosure, impact investing, European banking factors and emerging market finance.  She earned her doctorate at Baruch College, City University of NY.  She has an MBA and BA from Rutgers University. She has extensive banking experience with major US banks in lending and treasury management, including derivatives use and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The Refugee Crisis course conceived in 2016 by Dr. Karen Becker and adapted for ongoing policy changes provides both a platform for students to begin to understand the greatest migration of people since the 1940s as well as explore broader issues of ethics, responsibility, and resource management. The course presents a wide lens on the current crisis and allows students to narrow that lens as they prepare a culminating project evaluating some aspect of the current crisis that fits with their major field study.

Dr. Susan Hume is a frequent collaborator with students in their research most recently on Chinese markets, social responsibility issues and providing diversity in the corporate world.