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The ESC Team

Our team is comprised of bi-lingual professionals who are native to Germany and the United States and who have years of experience working in the field of international education. This means there is always someone very knowledgeable right around the corner to assist.

The staff provides guidance and advice, accompanies you on excursions, and helps with cultural adjustment and daily academic and living needs. Our first priority is for every student to have a positive experience which is academically sound and allows you to discover yourself and the world around you.

The ESC On-Site Team

Thomas Leibrecht
Academic Director

Antonia Heuchmer
Program Manager

Sebastian Sauer
Program Coordinator Intern

Julie Kiepe
Director of University Relations

Larisa Balanovskaya
Program Coordinator

Anja Menningert
Program Coordinator Intern

Erin Kelso
Asst. Coord. University Relations

Jonas auf dem Kampe
Resident Advisor