Favorite Places in Heidelberg

What is YOUR favorite place in Heidelberg?

A collection by Sabrina D. McIntosh, Spring 2017 student from The College of New Jersey


  • The Neckar: The Neckar is a long river that runs through Germany. It has a field of grass and running/biking paths along it. I often enjoyed laying and relaxing on a blanket along the river during warm weather. You would often see people playing sports, barbequing, running, walking, relaxing, and even feeding the ducks. I had the great pleasure of meeting some amazing Tunisian and Syrian people there that I later became very close friends with. Another remarkable experience I enjoy is walking or riding a bus/tram by the river at night. That castle glows this beautiful orange hue and lights sparkle all around. It’s a nice scenery to see how the city lightens up at night and place to just clear your mind.
  • The PHV (Patrick Henry Village – a refugee camp): I put this under conventional because I really hope that this place is as special to me as it is to the rest of my fellow students. I’m just going to say that this place will give you new insights, hands on experience, an opportunity to expand your mind, change your perspective on how you view people, reexamine aspects of morality, and really become concerned with current events going on in the world around you. If you don’t know what a refugee camp is, it is a camp where refugees go to seek asylum in because they escaping political warfare and turmoil in their home country.
  • Döner: Döner is a Turkish food spot that offers amazing meals for really cheap. One of the meals which a lot of my friends and I like to get is called the Döner box. (A cool tip I learned from my Arab friends is to switch out the fries for rice.) Thank me later!
  • Vetter’s: Vetter’s is a cool place if you want authentic German food. They have amazing spicy wings!
  • Hans im Glück: I’m putting this in here for all my vegans or vegetarians. They have outstanding burgers and sauces for both omnivores and vegans. Also the scenery of the place is out of this world.


  • The Mountain: Go hiking through the mountains with some friend to experience some beautiful views.
  • Darmstädter Hof Centrum: They have a wonderful Tea Shop and Indian restaurant. Good quality food for cheap.
  • Aldi’s: Cheap groceries.
  • Primark (Mannheim): Although it’s not in Heidelberg, it’s a 30 minute tram ride from Heidelberg. You can take the 5 and it well take you straight there. Primark is a place that you can buy really nice cheap clothing. Trust me, it is amazing!
  • Home: By home I mean back at the ESC. I really developed a family living there and coming back home to them each night just made the experience even more worth it.
  • The castle: There is a little cart ride that you can take to get to the very top of the mountain, beyond the castle that has an amazing view of the city. I say you should at least experience this once!