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The Heidelberg Challenge, and Upcoming Workshops

The Heidelberg Challenge

The Heidelberg Challenge is an exciting opportunity to make the most out of your study abroad experience. Immerse yourself in German culture by completing a series of 10 fun tasks to explore Heidelberg and greater Germany. Complete all the challenges and recieve a prize!

Check out the info sheet for more.

Cross-Cultural Student  Workshop

In this workshop on Wednesday, October 2nd   German and American students will explore and reflect on their intercultural experiences,  the effects their own cultural values have on different aspects of their lives, and develop strategies for navigating the challenges of cross-cultural exchanges.

View the program here

Performing Across Cultures Workshop

Join us for our upcoming Performing Across Cultures on Wednesday, October 16th to learn how to utilize the skills you get while studying abroad and discover techniques to transform weaknesses into strenghts.

Interesting in participating? See more details here