Victoria Neaves, University of the Incarnate Word

ESC Social Media Ambassador Victoria Neaves

Victoria Neaves, ESC Summer Programm student from University of Incarnate Word

I am beginning my Senior year at UIW. My major is Communications specifically video production. I am minoring in photography. I have studied abroad twice before coming to Germany.Both times abroad I choose English speaking countries and this time I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I decided to visit a country who spoke a different language.

Before arriving I was most excited about the excursions the school has planned for the students. From the Mercedes museum to historical tours through European cities, I was looking forward to seeing it all. Photography is one of my hobbies and after seeing these places the photos don’t do the cities justice. I love that there is so much to see and that I can find new ways and perspectives to photograph Germany and surrounding cities. Traveling to new countries has opened my mind. Now I want to learn new languages. I am only fluent in English and can understand a little bit of Spanish. After this summer abroad I hope I can learn a few phrases in a few new languages. Looking forward to this wonderful opportunity in Germany I’m hoping I not only gain many new friends but also an understanding of how different cultures are from my own and maybe even learn something new about myself as well.

ESC Social Media Ambassador