Elizabeth Fernandez, University of the Incarnate Word

Elizabeth Fernandez, ESC spring semester student

Elizabeth Fernandez, ESC Spring semester student from University of the Incarnate Word

What is your favorite place in Heidelberg?
All of Haupstrasse, even though I would say all of Heidelberg is my favorite.

What was the most challenging part of living in Germany, and what did you do to overcome that challenge?
Not speaking German was the hardest challenge for me even though most people in Heidelberg spoke English. I wanted to try and learn a few phrases or words to be respectful, and by overcoming this I tried my best to learn German and I used Google translate.

What is the most interesting thing about German culture that you learned in one of your classes?
I would say that Germany’s Shakespeare was Goethe, and it interested me because he wrote Faustus, which was one of my favorite high school literature books I have read, and I learned this in my World Literature class.

Name one thing that you wish you had known before you came abroad?
To know that Germany only consists of cash.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at all! erfernan@student.uiwtx.edu

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