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Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung - June 2017

Fremde helfen Fremde

Beim Projekt "Kids at Play" setzen sich amerikanische Studenten für Flüchtlingskinder ein - Erfahrung für beide Seiten. Spannung, Spiel und Deutschunterricht stehen bei den Studenten und Flüchtlingskindern auf dem Programm. [...]

UIW LOGOS Newspaper - February 2017

Student realizes dream studying abroad in Heidelberg

Ever since I was in middle school, I have always wanted to visit Heidelberg, Germany. Today, as a 19-year-old freshman female student member of a minority, I have achieved my long-awaited dream by studying abroad here. [...]

The Signal - November 2016

Students abroad volunteer at refugee camp

A group of 16 students in the College’s study abroad program in Heidelberg, Germany, banded together to address the growing refugee crisis in Europe. In their spare time, these students have taken to volunteering at a nearby village abound with refugee children from the Middle East and Africa. [...]

Mannheimer Morgen - September 2013

Drinking coffee at eye level

Students from the European Study Center (ESC) Heidelberg volunteer at a Café for the long-term unemployed and are confronted with ups and downs of lives, which are otherwise rarely found at university. [...]

UIW LOGOS Newspaper - September 2012

UIW students start classes in European Study Center

Eight University of the Incarnate Word students are taking classes this fall in UIW’s new European Study Center in Heidelberg, Germany. The grand opening of the center took place Friday, Sept. 14. [...]