Julie Kiepe

Director of University Relations

Julie truly believes that education is the key to make the world a better place. Thus, she has dedicated her professional life to the field, focusing on language teaching and intercultural learning. She started teaching languages as early as High School helping younger students with their school work in English and Russian. Later, she obtained a Master’s Degree and a Teacher’s Degree in Linguistics and Literature of Romance Languages and English at the University of Heidelberg. During her student years, she spent almost two years abroad. Her own experience as an exchange student in Spain (Seville) and the U.S. (San Diego) has made such a huge impact on her life that she wanted to pursue a career helping young people to have a similar enriching experience. After getting her Teacher’s Credentials in Germany by passing the second state exams for teachers she went to Mexico, Monterrey, as a DAAD teaching assistant to teach German as a foreign language at the Universidad de Nuevo León. She enjoyed teaching but she enjoyed the role as an ambassador for the German higher education system just as much. Hence, she was happy when she got the offer for a position as the Coordinator for International Affairs at the School of Humanities, University of Mannheim.

She stayed in Mannheim for almost seven years until 2018. During that time she not only helped to grow internationalization at the University of Mannheim immensely, but never stopped to educate herself: she obtained a specialist certification in Teaching German as Foreign Language and Early Language Learning and a Diploma of Advanced Studies of Teaching German as Second/Foreign Language from the School of Education, Heidelberg. She also finished her Graduate Studies in Theater in Education there. This enabled her to accept teaching posts at the School of Education teaching classes within the Theater in Education program as well as in the Teaching German program.

Looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow and dedicate her experience she found the European Study Center (ESC) and CEPA. When she was offered the position at the ESC she was more than happy to accept. Not only the ESC and CEPA as such convinced her, but mostly the people working here. She noticed that high professionalism and dedication within a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere where strengths of the team and felt she could identify entirely. She now feels she has found something where she can dedicate her strengths and expertise to something she truly believes in: education in her beautiful hometown Heidelberg and connecting cultures while enhancing the intercultural competencies of young people.

In the classes and workshops she teaches, Julie focuses on improving students‘ intercultural and cultural competences.

  1. Intercultural Student workshop
    1. A two hour workshop about intercultural experiences, culture, culture shock and more.
  2. Culture and Career Workshop
    1. Student learn how to identify, vocalize and market the special skills when studying abroad in this two hours workshop 
  3. Performance Across Cultures Workshop
    1. Studying abroad can be challenging. In this one day workshop we focus on how to face and master challenges in intercultural settings. Find out more about upcoming events
  4. Dimensions of Wellness DHWP 1200
    1. The overall purpose of this 3 credit lab course is to discuss, understand and apply the various dimensions of wellness into daily living that will enhance the quality of life and especially within the intercultural setting.

Email: jkiepe@studyabroad-germany.eu
Phone: +49 6221-9159610