Fall 2020

Study abroad in Heidelberg, Germany next Fall


During the fall semester, you will have the opportunity to explore the city of Heidelberg’s unique international culture. You can enjoy the end of the summer in Germany by going for a stroll along the Neckar River, hiking up the Philosophen Weg for a great view of the city, or simply relaxing outside in the ESC courtyard in the afternoon or evening.

Since Heidelberg is close to Germany’s main wine region, students may consider visiting one of the many wine festivals that take place in the surrounding villages throughout the autumn season.

Important Dates

Student Departure Fri.December 11, 2020

Application deadlineMon. June 15, 2020
Arrival in Heidelberg (plan to arrive by 1 pm)Tues. August 18, 2020
Mandatory OrientationWed. August 19 – Fri. August 21, 2020
Immersion Block BeginsMon. August 24, 2020
Add/Drop Deadline for ClassesSun. August 30, 2020
ESC Block BeginsMon. September 28, 2020
Culture and Career Seminar Part ITBA
Berlin Weekend ExcursionFri. October 16 – Sun. October 18, 2020
Fall BreakMon. October 26 – Fri. October 30, 2020
Culture and Career Seminar Part IIWed. November 4, 2020
“Castle Talks” International Symposium in StrasbourgMon. November 9 – Tue. November 10, 2020
Last Day of Classes (Including Finals)Thu. December 10, 2020

Program Fee: $13,490

Go to “Program Fees” for additional information.

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