Make next summer your most memorable yet.
Two summer programs available!

SUMMER I: May 28 – June 29, 2018

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If your academic commitments do not allow for a semester abroad, a summer at the ESC might be the right solutions for you. Participating in the ESC summer I and/or II session is a great way to experience European culture at its best without missing a semester at your home institution.

During your time abroad you will gain a new perspective while enjoying academic, career, and personal growth and you will see some of the main sights in Germany and France.

Program Dates

Application deadlineMarch 1, 2018
Arrival in Heidelberg (plan to arrive by 1 pm)Mon. May 28, 2018
Mandatory OrientationMon. May, 28 – Fri. June 1, 2018
Classes StartMon. June 4, 2018
Add/Drop Deadline for ESC CoursesFri. June 8, 2018
Last day of class incl. finalsThurs. June 28, 2018
Check out of housingFri. June 29, 2018

Program Fee: $4,950 per session // $8,695 both sessions

Go to “Program Fees” for further information!

What’s included?

  • Tuition
  • Housing (double occupancy)
  • Transportation from/to Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) for those who arrive/depart on the assigned dates
  • Transportation for included cultural activities
  • Numerous field trips and cultural activities
  • A few meals – welcome and farewell dinners and occasionally a meal as part of a cultural activity
  • On-site team throughout the entire program
  • Cell phone use (students must pay for minutes they use)

Your benefits when participating in both sessions:

  • Stay 10 weeks and earn 12 US semester credits
  • SAVE $1,205 on the program fee
  • Financial Aid is available for qualifying students

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Course Overview Summer I

International Marketing is designed as an upper-level course to acquaint students with the magnitude of the global marketplace. The focus is on the strategic concepts of global marketing and the influence of environmental forces on marketing activities and global market potential. The course will also explore the impact of the digital revolution on global marketing.
This course is designed to serve as an introduction to the study of politics in Europe. Students will develop a core body of knowledge concerning the political systems in Europe. Students will also be introduced to the political systems of selected nation-states in Europe.
This course allows students to make the most of their cultural excursions both academically and personally. Students will gain academic credit for the field trips and professional visits which are built into the program by writing up personal reflections and connections to other areas of study in the form of short papers, journals, and blog entries. This course may be cross-referenced with Topics in Comparative Politics and Topics in International Relations. It is an advanced study in political science focusing on comparative politics or international relations. The course may be repeated for credit when topics vary. May be taken as a Cultural Studies elective.
This intensive course covers all aspects of successful language learning: developing your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Project work and extra-curricular activities further enhance autonomous learning behavior and German language use outside the classroom. The course provides students with a basic knowledge of German covering vocabulary and grammar structures necessary for conducting a simple everyday conversation. Instruction is based on the stages of the CEFR (A1-C1).

Special Topics Courses

Each summer the ESC has specially selected courses taught by visiting UIW faculty members.
The following courses will be offered in Summer 2018 only:

This course focuses on the theory, principles, and physiological effects of therapeutic rehabilitation used in the treatment of orthopedic injuries and athletic conditions studied in a cultural context. The course will address the use of evidence-based clinical practice, the design and progression of interventions, assessment of interventions, and determination for return to participation and/or referral, along with non-traditional interventions.
This course includes close reading and discussion of texts of all kinds from a wide range of periods and societies to reveal the diversity of literature as a means of cultural statement. It introduces students to literary genres and techniques of close study that emphasizes the development of critical reading skills and methodologies of literary analysis.
This special topics course will explore the basic theological foundations of the Christian faith in relation to contemporary ethical concerns related to inequality, poverty, violence, and ecological destruction. This class would be of interest to students engaged in a variety of different fields of study, such as theology, biblical studies, ethics, and politics.