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Student Reviews

My semester abroad at the European Study Center has so far been the best semester of my life. My time here has allowed me to learn through ways I have never before. I have learned how to travel, how to become more patient, how to be less reliant on cell phones, how to be more open to other people, and cliché enough; I have learned a lot about myself.

This program in Heidelberg is academically enriching, however, the classroom aspect is only a small part of the educational experience while abroad. Having a TCNJ professor at the European Study Center is extremely comfortable and allows some classes to mirror those that we are used to at home. However, the adjunct professors at the ESC are amazing as well.

Heidelberg is the perfect place to study abroad because it is a mix between the city life and also beautiful suburban/country life. In addition to that, Germany is pretty centrally located in Europe and therefore allows weekend travels to be extremely easy. Our program included trips to Berlin, Germany and Strasbourg, France. On my own I visited Amsterdam (Netherlands), Zurich (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), London (England), Dublin (Ireland), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France), and even Tangier (Morocco)! I would definitely suggest this program to anybody interested in studying abroad.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at all! Leem27@tcnj.edu

My original plan was to study over summer, for a shorter amount of time, as an entire semester abroad seemed intimidating to me; however, an entire semester abroad turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The nearly four months in Heidelberg, Germany, provides the cost effectiveness and cultural immersion that could not be achieved in a shorter program. What’s more, the time I spent in Europe was made much better by staying at the ESC.  The helpfulness of the staff, the friendships made in the due to the dorm-style living, the excursions and the location of the ESC made the transition from the States to Europe much easier and ensured that my time spent here was not wasted.

The experiences that one has while studying abroad cannot be replicated by staying at one’s home university.  You will hear again and again how people have grown as individuals in ways they could not have foreseen, and that is no different for me. When I heard from previous study abroad students that they had grown as a person, I thought it was a cliché claim made to seem more cultured and socially intelligent. Now that I experienced it for myself, I can assure you that that is not the case.
If you are looking to do something that you have not done before, or if you are looking to achieve a level of independence that you have not achieved before, then studying abroad is for you. The people you meet and the things that you do will be in your heart and mind for your whole life.

If you have any questions or want to talk about studying abroad or anything else, email me: barghow1@tcnj.edu.


My study abroad experience at the European Study Center has been the adventure of my lifetime. Studying abroad in a foreign country for an extended period of time has helped me grow as an individual, learn key elements about myself, and has provided me with life lessons and a new and important perspective towards life that I could not have received inside a classroom environment.

The program is culturally enriching, socially valuable, and an overall fascinating educational experience. I have always known that I would learn in a different way while abroad, but I had no idea exactly how that would occur. I have learned to be a better me simply by being a part of this program. I value the friendships I have made that will last long past this experience, and the connections I have made with the faculty and staff in Germany are some of the most comfortable and worthwhile connections I could have made while abroad. The experience I received just from living in such a marvelous place for 4 months has been the most stimulating and effective program for learning I have taken part in. I know that it will be difficult for me to leave the ESC and can definitely see myself coming back in the future.

I would recommend this program to anybody who has an interest in studying abroad. I feel as though I have gained so much as a person and I am already looking forward to using the skills I have established here back in my personal and professional life in New Jersey.

The world is a place full of opportunity and taking the time out of my four years at TCNJ and utilizing one here, I have learned that there are so many options in the world and because of the ESC my eyes and horizons have been opened exponentially. The ESC has proven to me that challenging myself and going for what I want is feasible and certainly worth any risk. The ESC is a fantastic place to study broad and one can gain more than they would even expect from this experience.

Feel free to get in touch with me directly – lamainj1@tcnj.edu

jenna-nichollWhile studying abroad in Heidelberg, I have learned that stepping out of your comfort zone, as scary as it sounds, does not necessarily mean that you are out of place. I have found that even though cultures all over the world are vastly different, you can always find your place and learn about the people and the different social aspects of living day-to-day in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany!

interview-shahStudying abroad in Heidelberg has easily been the best decision of my life so far, both personally and academically. From making unforgettable friendships with those in the European Study Center, to exploring the different realms of Europe, I have learned and grown so much as a person. Studying abroad made me appreciate other cultures and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Before being here, I would never take that spontaneous weekend trip to a random city in Europe (which is really easy with Heidelberg’s prime location in Europe!). I would never try that funny looking food on the menu of some hidden away cafe. Being here has opened my mind and really impacted me in a beneficial way.

Heidelberg quickly became a place I would call “home” for the four months I was here. The charming architecture, scenic land scape, and ever-present history looming around the street corner can infatuate anyone with this city. I learned so much by taking courses here, but even more when I traveled around Germany with the ESC. Living here gave me the perfect blend of safety, academic focus, and cultural immersion I could not find anywhere else.

If you are a business major, or any major, who has the opportunity to study abroad here, I highly recommend coming. You will see yourself transform into a more open-minded, cultural, and independent person in a span of four months through every day-to-day interaction. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to study in Heidelberg, and plan to come back one day.

interview-villarealStudying abroad at the European Study Center in Heidelberg was one of the best decisions I have made, and I feel very lucky that I had this opportunity. I studied one semester and then worked as an intern the next semester. I took classes at the European Study Center as well at the SRH University. The courses were interesting and the instructors had a lot of expertise. For the internship the ESC staff first advised me to set goals of where I wanted to intern and select companies I was interested in. The staff provided training for the interviews and in the end hard work paid off – I got a great internship in project management, which fits in perfectly with my Engineering Innovation and Development major. It feels amazing to accomplish your goal!

I highly recommend The ESC to anyone that wants to have an enriching experience abroad. I was supported and guided by the ESC staff; they have been the greatest and always make sure you are doing well. I learned a lot about myself, being abroad and what I am capable of doing. There is no better combination of a city as great as Heidelberg and the ESC – I can say now I have lost my heart in Heidelberg at the ESC.

ESC alumni Ryan PennaMy semester abroad in Heidelberg, Germany was an experience that I will never forget. I had so many unbelievable opportunities to explore different cultures and to collaborate alongside students from all around the globe. The time I spent abroad was invaluable to my professional development, as it taught me the importance of evaluating situations through different perspectives. As a finance major I really enjoyed taking a trip to Frankfurt, which is the banking capital of Europe. I was afforded the opportunity to visit the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as the Deutsche Bundesbank. By visiting this institutions, I learned firsthand just how interconnected the world’s financial markets are.

It is my firm belief that all students should take the time to study abroad, if they are afforded the opportunity. Studying abroad gives students the perfect chance to learn more about themselves. After returning to the United States, it was clear that my outlook on the world had changed. I had a much greater sense of self-confidence after being in a foreign country for four months. I shared so many wonderful experiences with the friends that I made, and I am sure that I will always remain close with them. Studying abroad is an incredibly eye-opening experience; and, being immersed in a foreign culture for four months teaches students so much more than can be taught in a normal classroom setting. My time in Germany has truly opened my eyes to a world filled with amazing opportunities. My time spent in Heidelberg has inspired me to seek out employment opportunities abroad so that I can pursue my passion of learning about other cultures.

ESC alumni Nicole MaherStudying abroad in Heidelberg was an endless learning experience; an opportunity for personal and academic growth. I gained independence, an open mind, and a new perspective on life. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and was able to develop a greater appreciation for the world and the lessons I learned.Heidelberg is an incredibly beautiful city and the perfect place to experience a true German lifestyle. Whether I was indulging in new foods or exploring the history of the Altstadt, there was always something new to experience.Studying at the European Study Center allowed me to focus on my academics while taking in the culture surrounding me.

It was a pleasure to call the European Study Center my home for 4 months. The ESC staff was highly knowledgeable and friendly. The ESC made it easy to foster amazing friendships.  I am grateful for all the unique experiences I was able to share with these lifelong friends. While I was able to acquire many new experiences during my time abroad, these experiences forced me to learn more about myself as a person, and reconsider what I am passionate about. As cliché as it sounds, feeling lost in a foreign country helped me find out more about who I am as a person. I will always value this opportunity, as I have grown immensely from it.

I recommend this program to any business majors who are willing to think differently and be stimulated by such a fulfilling opportunity.

ESC alumni Katherine ChirilloWhen I discovered I had the opportunity to study for a semester in Heidelberg I jumped at the opening. I will be forever grateful for the time I spent studying abroad. Not only did I meet some amazing friends, I was able to travel to numerous locations of my choice. Germany’s central location in Europe was more than ideal for traveling to other parts of Europe. I was able to simultaneously study the subjects I needed for my home university and acquire the real life experiences I craved. Because of my experiences, I would strongly recommend any student who is contemplating studying abroad to explore the possibilities available. Throughout my studying abroad trips, I have grown in many positive ways and I greatly value all of the amazing experiences I’ve acquired.

ESC alumni David FediganI had visited Heidelberg four years prior to my study abroad term and it left me with the desire to return in an extended, academic setting. Heidelberg is well known as a university town and it’s easy to see why. The city itself is not too big, so it is easy to acclimate oneself. The exceptional beauty of the town contributes greatly for inspiring students with the lush hills, the quaint Baroque buildings in the Altstadt, the magnificent views from the Königstuhl, and the historical Heidelberg Castle.

Studying abroad is far more than an academic experience, it is even more so an opportunity for personal growth. Learning to adapt to the way of life in a different country and all the additional responsibilities associated with being on your own lends an invaluable experience for young adults.

The European Study Center is a charming house in a quiet neighborhood only a short walk away from the city center. The facilities provided to the students are conducive to learning and the staff is composed of friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable individuals. Studying at the ESC in Heidelberg was a wonderful experience and really put the finishing touch on my college career.